About Us

At the Bike Cave, we recognize that not everyone can afford to purchase and drive a car. We also understand the need for community, and the Bike Cave provides a space for both to happen. The space we provide is a safe, judgment-free space in which all members of the local and greater community are welcome. The Bike Cave is a project of the Loaves and Fishes community of Duluth, MN. It grew out of the passions of past members, and resides on the basement level of our transitional community for folks experiencing homelessnes, The Dorothy Day house. 

Find out more about Loaves & Fishes here!         

Who Are We?

We are not a charity; we don't like to hand out free bikes, but would rather see people empowered through education and community and actively participating in meaningful labor for themselves and others.

Need A Bike?

There are a couple ways we find work best for getting bikes to folks: One is work-trade or sweat-equity, where contributing a certain number of volunteer hours around the bike shop will "pay" for your bike. We ask that you put in what you take out, whether it be through donations of tools/parts/bikes, any skill trade, or even cooking; each person contributes what they can. Our shop is volunteer-operated, and depends on donations of bicycles and work-trade. The other option is "learning hours," where a member of the collective works with you, teaching you the rudiments of bike mechanics so that you can build your own bike. In all cases, we hope people continue to be involved and active at the Bike Cave after they get a bike for themselves.

Where Are We?

The Bike Cave is a volunteer-run bike shop, which is part of the Loaves and Fishes community in the Endion neighborhood of Duluth, MN. The Bike Cave lives at 1712 Jefferson St. Call us at 218-724-2054.

When Are We Open?

Wednesday & Saturday from 1pm-5pm

Want To Help Us?

We are a volunteer and donation run shop.  Volunteer bike mechanics (of all skill levels) are always needed.  We also accept donations of tools, bikes, and bike parts that are in good condition. 


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